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town of crested butte parking

free parking

Free two-hour parking is available throughout the downtown and free long-term parking is available in public parking lots throughout the town. To view a parking locations map, click the button on the left, also below.

Town of Crested Butte parking ONLINE PERMIT application form ​​

1. Enter information for yourself and your vehicle.

2. Please email with verification.

Town of Crested Butte Permit Parking

Permit parking is enforced year-round on a seasonal basis, from June through September and December through April.



1. Please fill out the online application form below and submit the appropriate documentation in order to receive your parking permit.


2. Once your application has been successfully submitted, please email with verification. If you have multiple vehicles to register, please submit one application per vehicle. Thank you!





  1. If you are an employer, contractor, vendor or other service provider you may apply for a permit by emailing with your business details and vehicle information.


*Permits are not physical! They are instantly registered to your license plate.


maroon and sopris avenue residential permits​​

  • Every residence in a permit zone can receive an unlimited number of permits. This excludes unlimited short-term rentals, which are required to provide off street parking as part of their rental license. Short-term rentals that have legal nonconforming insufficient parking can receive permits to make up for those spaces.


  • Anyone can park in a residential permit zone along Maroon or Sopris Avenues for up to 2 hours without a permit. 


  • You do not need to apply for a permit annually, permits are registered to your license plate.


  • A Maroon and Sopris permit does not permit you to park in the neighborhoods associated with the Center for the Arts large event parking restrictions.

employer permits​​

  • Elk Avenue businesses may apply for one permit that allows the owner or an employee to park in a permitted zone along Maroon or Sopris Avenues.


  • Any business that operates outside of transit hours (after 11:40pm) can obtain a second permit. Meaning two permits can be in use at one time.



  • We encourage employees to utilize public transportation or any of the long-term public parking lots shown on the map.


  • Any employee can park on Elk Ave or in a permit zone for less than 2 hours without a permit.


  • No one can park on Elk Ave for longer than 2 hours.

parking locations

contractor permits​​

  • If you are contractor, property manager, landscaper, cleaner, etc. conducting business in a permit zone, you may obtain permits for your service vehicles.

  • If you are a vendor or volunteer for a special event happening in a permit zone you may obtain a permit for your vehicle.

center for the arts large event residential permits​​

  • Residents living on the 700 blocks of Red Lady, Bellview, Whiterock, and Sopris avenues should apply for a permit using the PERMIT APPLICATION button above.


  •  Permit parking on these blocks will only be enforced during large events of 250+ people being hosted by the Center for the Arts to prevent event attendees from parking in these neighborhoods.

  • Residents of these blocks may apply for unlimited permits.


  • During large events, the Center for the Arts will place temporary signage in the streets notifying residence and event attendees that permit parking is being enforced.


  • During these events no one can park on these blocks without a permit for any length of time.


  • Permits are only required for parking on town rights of way, you do not need one if you always park in your driveway.


  • This permit does not permit you to park in the permit parking zones along Maroon and Sopris Avenues


  • You do not need to apply for a permit annually, permits are registered to your license plate.



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