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parking pERMITs


parking permit information:​​

There are two types of parking permits within the Town of Crested Butte: Residential and Employer.


For Residential Permits:

1. Please fill out the online application form below and submit the appropriate documentation in order to receive your parking permit.

PLEASE NOTE: If you registered for a permit in 2021 and have not moved or made changes to your license plate, you do not need to re-register for 2022.


2. Once your application has been successfully submitted, please email with verification. If you have multiple vehicles to register, please submit one application per vehicle. Thank you!

For Employer Permits:

1. For more information about or obtaining an employer permit, please have your work manager or business owner contact us at

*You will not receive a physical permit. Your license plate will be registered in our database and you'll be good to go! Simple. 

permit distribution information:​​

Summer 2022 permit parking will be enforced July 1st through September 3rd. For the Summer 2022 parking program, permits will be distributed as follows:



  • ​​Every residence in a permit zone can receive an unlimited number of permits. This excludes unlimited short-term rentals, which are required to provide off street parking as part of their rental license. Short-term rentals that have legal nonconforming insufficient parking can receive permits to make up for those spaces.

  • Anyone can park in a residential permit zone for up to 2 hours without a permit. 

  • If you registered for a permit in 2021 and have not moved or made changes to your license plate, you do not need to re-register for 2022.



  • For summer 2022, each business located within the Elk Avenue corridor will be able to acquire one free parking permit to be shared amongst an unlimited number of employees. There are no physical permits, this means every employee can register their license plate with parkcrestedbutte, but only one employee may park in a permit zone at a time.

  • Applications must be completed by the employer.

  • We encourage employees to utilize public transportation or any of the long-term public parking lots shown on the map.

  • Any employee can park on Elk Ave or in a permit zone for less than 2 hours

  • Any business that operates outside of transit hours (after 11:40pm) can obtain a second permit. Meaning two permits can be in use at one time.


Town of Crested Butte parking ONLINE PERMIT application form FOR RESIDENTIAL PERMITS available june 17th:​​

1. Enter information for yourself and your vehicle.

2. Please email with verification.



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